4 Benefits of Installing a Home Elevator From 101 Mobility

January 10th, 2019

For a long time, home elevators were considered a luxury for only the wealthy to have. However, the dropping cost of equipment and decreased installation time has shifted the view of home elevators from something luxurious to a home mobility necessity. At 101 Mobility, the top choice for house elevators in Philadelphia and the surrounding area, we have helped many homeowners across the area increase their home mobility.

Some of the top benefits of a home elevator include:

Safety and Security

If you’re wondering whether a home elevator is right for you, then there is a good chance that you’re currently taking over assistance of a family member who has limited mobility due to old age or injury. Getting up and down the stairs can be quite difficult for some family members. Our home elevators can help make it easier for people to get around each floor of the house.


A home elevator can fit into your home with little disturbance, and it can look good while doing so. Depending on your home, a home elevator may be a better fit than a stairlift or another home mobility upgrade.

Property Value

The money you spend on installing a home elevator can potentially be made up when you’re looking to sell your home. A home elevator can be an interesting aspect that separates your home from others in the area. Because of this, the property of your home is sure to increase as well.


Unlike stairlifts and handrails, a home elevator can be used by everyone in the family. Children, teens, and adults can also travel to the top and bottom of each home without taking a single step. Not only will your family members get around the house easier, but, so can you.

Anyone interested in more information on all of our services including outdoor wheelchair lifts for homes near Philadelphia can give us a call anytime at 215-987-4367.

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