A Matter of Mobility: Top Signs It’s Time You Need a Stairlift

August 6th, 2021

One of the most challenging things we have to do in life is admit we need help. We’ve been striving for independence ever since we were little, and every day since we became adults, we’ve been doing what we can to hold on to our freedom. It’s no surprise, then, that we continue to put our health and safety at risk as we get older when we refuse to stop using the stairs even though they are a challenge for us. 

Have you reached this moment in your life — where you’re holding on to every last bit of your independence, and you don’t want to admit you may need some help using the stairs in your home? Here are signs that it’s time to get a stairlift and an explanation on why this mechanism can actually help you regain your independence, rather than stripping it away.

You Frequently Fall or Trip on the Stairs

Have you found that your feet often get in your way when going up or down the stairs? This could be a sign that it’s time to install a stairlift.

Stairs can be dangerous and even deadly for older people with poor eyesight and lower coordination. A fall down the stairs could lead to a broken arm, leg, or hip, which could significantly decrease your mobility in the short or long term. A stairlift could prevent serious accidents.

It Takes You Several Minutes to Climb the Stairs

Perhaps to avoid a fall on the stairs, you take each step slowly. Have you ever thought about how long it takes you to go up or down the stairs just to use the bathroom or to grab something you forgot in your bedroom?

You could save so much time by using a stairlift, which takes an average of 35 seconds to go up or down the stairs. Going down to the main floor to answer the door doesn’t have to feel like scaling Mount Everest.

You Have Lower Mobility

If you’re struggling with mobility issues, such as joint pain, knee pain, or muscle fatigue, it may be difficult and painful to use the stairs. You may avoid taking the stairs, especially if other people are around, because you don’t want to be embarrassed about how long it takes you to go up or down. A chair lift can ease your pain by allowing you to take a short ride up or down the stairs anytime you need to change levels in your home.

You Are Out of Breath or Dizzy After Using the Stairs

Does climbing the stairs zap all of your energy away? If you feel out of breath or dizzy when you reach the top of the stairs and need to rest before doing anything else, you could benefit from having a stairlift installed. This mechanism supports your independence by allowing you to effortlessly move around your home while preserving your energy for the important things, like doing laundry, cleaning your home, or chasing after your grandkids.

You Are Recovering from Surgery

If you’ve just been discharged from the hospital after having surgery, you may not be in a position to climb stairs. It’s moments like this that you should consider having a stairlift fitted. Many mobility equipment companies, like 101 Mobility of Greater Philadelphia, rent chair lifts that you can use temporarily as you recover from surgery or an injury.

Your Doctor Suggests a Stairlift

Sometimes your doctor will recommend having a stairlift installed because you may be dealing with health issues, such as heart conditions or arthritis, that affect your ability to navigate your home. If your doctor suggests a stairlift, it’s time to take a stairlift installation into serious consideration.

Say Hello to Freedom with a Stairlift!

It may be scary at first to admit you need a stairlift in your home, but installing this mobility solution will give you more control over your independence. You will be able to move about your home with ease and have the energy to keep up with housekeeping and anything else you enjoy doing.

If you’re interested in a stairlift for your home, our mobility specialists can answer all of your questions. We can even help you determine which Bruno Elite stairlift is right for you! Get in touch or visit our showroom to learn more about our residential chair lifts and rent stairlifts for your elderly loved ones.

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