Commercial Wheelchair Lifts

Commercial Wheelchair Lifts in Philadelphia

If your commercial entity has multiple levels or floors, you know just how important it is to have long-lasting, secure, and durable commercial wheelchair lifts for full business accessibility to the many patrons that enter your building every day.
commercial wheelchair lift philadelphia
At 101 Mobility, we are proud to service the Greater Philadelphia area and surrounding Bucks County, Montgomery County, Delaware County, as well as parts of New Jersey, with a wide selection of premium, high-quality commercial wheelchair lifts for your business. For years, we have been the go-to trusted source for commercial wheelchair lift installations and designs, both vertical and inclined. Whether you are building a new facility in Mercer County or updating an existing one in Burlington County, 101 Mobility can be of service.

Our team of ADA-compliant installation experts will work with you to make sure all of your facility’s needs and budget are met with our innovative products, while also concurrently meeting local codes and requirements of the job.

101 Mobility strives to bring our customers only the best, highest quality commercial wheelchair lifts and commercial stair lifts for your business. Request a FREE consultation with us today to get started.

Why Choose a 101 Mobility Commercial Wheelchair Lift?

101 Mobility offers two types of commercial wheelchair lifts, vertical platform lifts, and inclined platform lifts, to our commercial customers. From our extended experience in the commercial mobility device industry, we have found that commercial wheelchair lifts (VPL and IPL) take up substantially less space than a commercial elevator and are an ideal solution to make your building accessible to all.

Take a look at why so many businesses choose us for all of their commercial wheelchair lift needs:

  • All of our wheelchair lifts are compatible to fit nicely within a wide variety of entities that range from schools to restaurants, and hotels.
  • They provide sturdy and reliable transportation throughout every level of the building.
  • 101 Mobility lifts all come standard with built-in safety features like backup batteries and under-platform sensors.
  • They’re backed by a one-year limited service warranty in addition to the manufacturer warranty.

The 101 Mobility Difference

With all the other commercial wheelchair lift and stairlift rental companies serving Bucks County, Montgomery County, Delaware County, and the Greater Philadelphia area, you may be wondering, what sets 101 Mobility apart from other mobility solution providers?

Well, for one, 101 Mobility is one of the largest, most comprehensive physical mobility and accessibility product providers across the nation. There is no job that we cannot accommodate, and we are genuinely passionate about what we do.

101 Mobility is also comprised of some of the most knowledgeable and experienced factory-certified technicians the industry has seen. Our Camden County, Mercer County, and Burlington County mobility consultants and customer service associates take your mobility needs personally, from the first initial phone call to long after your product installation is complete. The way we see it is once you are a 101 Mobility customer, you are our customer for life.

If you’re in the Camden County, NJ or Philadelphia area and are ready to see how 101 Mobility can make a difference in the way customers navigate your commercial entity — whether it be a church, hospital, college, municipal building or something else — call us today to learn more about the commercial wheelchair lift options available.


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