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At 101 Mobility of Greater Philadelphia, our mission is your safety. Our goal is creating a safe environment in your home or business, and have it be an exceptional and satisfying experience.

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At 101 Mobility we understand that many of our customers (older individuals with underlying health issues) fall into the “at risk” category for serious health issues if they contract COVID-19, and therefore we have an obligation to be extra diligent in being careful to not transmit this virus.

We also understand we provide essential services to support our customers with limited mobility that cannot be simply put on hold until this pandemic has subsided.

Therefore, we will continue to operate but will follow the below procedures:

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1. Any of our staff who may have any of the symptoms associated with this virus (such as: fever, cough, shortness of breath) will not be working or in contact with any other member of our team.
2. Any of our staff who to their knowledge have come in contact with someone who has, or they believe may have, COVID -19 will similarly not be working or in contact with any other member of our team.
3. At this time, we will try to avoid non-essential visits (such as: annual maintenance) and to the extent possible will try to resolve service issues on the phone (at no charge).
4. All our staff will use a hand sanitizer or disinfect prior to entering and again upon leaving any customer home.
5. All our staff will use a disinfectant on the demo products and tools they typically bring into a customer home.
6. Our staff will avoid shaking a customer’s hand and will try to maintain social distancing of 6’ or more, to the degree possible.
7. Our staff will try to contact as little in the customer’s home as possible and will ask the customer to contact as little as possible of what we bring into the home.
8. We will use disinfectant on the surfaces of the any stairlift or other product that we have installed or serviced.
9. We request that any customer tell us if any member of their household have COVID-19 symptoms or has been in contact with someone who has COVID-19
10. We suggest any family with a particularly vulnerable member of their household keep that member away from any visitor to their home (including us) and the other household members wash their hands after any visitor (including us) have left.
Our first objective is the safety of our customers and our own staff, but despite the above it is impossible for anyone to guarantee not transmitting this virus. It is ultimately the customer’s decision if they want visitors in their home during this period.
We may update this at any time as the circumstances change.
Feel free to call us directly regarding any of the above at 215-638-0101.
Brian M. Fitzpatrick, General Manager – 101 Mobility of Greater Philadelphia
To those who prefer we are offering a:
– “virtual sales call” (no visit)
– “no family contact” installation process.
Details of how this process works:
1. The customer takes photos of the installation area (we can assist with specifics):
– Each flight of the stairway
– The upper and lower landing areas (showing adjacent hallways, doorways, obstructions)
2. Email (bfitzpatrick@101mobility.com) (or call us for texting instructions) us the photo OR describe the stairway to us and we will email you a diagram to verify
3. We discuss all the options and give you a firm price for your preferred option
4. We will mail you the proposal, brochure, links to videos, warranty information etc.
5. If you go ahead you give us a 50% deposit and we will schedule the installation
6. For a custom curved stair lift, we will need to come and conduct a photo survey to provide you with a pricing and delivery proposal.
1. On the day of installation, we will call you when we arrive at your front door
2. You unlock the door, but do not need to further greet the installer or be present for the installation. You can go to another part of your home.
3. Our installation team will do an exact stairway measurement, cut any rail outside, and install the lift.
4. After it is installed, we will clean up the area, wipe the lift with disinfectant, and call you to indicate we are leaving. An operating manual will be left on the lift.
5. Final payment can be left on the steps or done via credit card by telephone.
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