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Need a Lift? Choose From 3 Trusted Stairlifts

December 24th, 2019

Limited mobility can make going up and down the stairs a hassle, for both seniors and for those who recently suffered an injury. Make your multi-level home more accessible with one of our safe and reliable stairlifts. At 101 Mobility, we provide residential and commercial stairlifts in Bucks County and the surrounding areas for those in need of assistance in better navigating their home.

Before you let one of our specialists install this essential home safety modification in your property, you must first decide which option best fits your needs and accommodates your home. Check out this video to learn a few benefits of residential stairlifts, and then continue reading below to learn more about our available options:


Straight Stairlifts

Are you having difficulty navigating around your home? Stairlifts are a convenient feature that older residents opt for when going up and down the stairs poses a risk. Straight stairlifts consist of a heavy-duty rail that is installed against your straight staircase that allows you to comfortably glide up and down the rail. With a multitude of features and add-on options, we’ll be able to accommodate your needs to ensure your safety while traveling up and down the stairs.

Curved Stairlifts

101 Mobility carries some of the most innovative stairlifts on the market. Our trusty installation specialists will take the appropriate measurements to create the best fit for your curved staircase. Our curved stairlifts are designed to turn corners or spiral to accommodate each individual staircase for a smooth, easy, and comfortable ride.

Outdoor Stairlifts

With our weather-resistant stairlifts, you can once again enjoy your outdoor living space. Whether you need assistance going up and down your porch or patio, our straight and curved stairlifts are designed to accommodate various types of staircases. Let our trusty stairlifts get you to and from your outdoor living space so you can enjoy all of nature’s beauty with your family and friends.

The newly remodeled 101 Mobility of Greater Philadelphia showroom is the only place in the Delaware Valley where you can ride five different working Stair Lifts. Featuring Bruno and Handicare Custom Curved Lifts as well as Bruno and Savaria Straight Rail Stair Lifts and all power options, you can choose the Stair Lift that is right for you. We also have on display the complete Health Craft line of unique transfer accessories featuring the SUPER-POLE, Depend-A-Bar and the Advantage Bar.

These exclusive products allow placement of a “Grab Bar” type solution almost anywhere in your home. We will soon be adding the Golden Lift Chair Line with several chairs in the showroom and the Golden Flagship Sales Station featuring information brochures and the Latest Fabric Selections. We are easy to get to at 3370 Progress Drive in Bensalem, PA. Just off Street Road in Bensalem, PA. 1/4 mile off I-95, Two miles off the NJ/PA Turnpike (Route 1 exit) and minutes from most of the Delaware Rivers Bridges.

Don’t restrict yourself from enjoying all the areas of your home. At 101 Mobility, we would be happy to give you a free consultation to help you decide which stairlift model is right for you. To inquire about our residential or commercial wheelchair lifts in Bucks County, please feel free to give our mobility experts a call at 888-258-0652.

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