Personalize Your Stair Lift to Fit Your Needs

January 21st, 2020

For many seniors and individuals with disabilities, mobility is a huge concern. It’s one thing to be out and about with the constant fear that one misstep can lead to a serious fall, but it’s another thing to feel vulnerable in your own home. Having limited mobility and dexterity can mean having weakened muscles, a lack of stability, and decreased strength in your lower extremities. While there may not be a miraculous solution for such ailments, there are certainly ways to regain independence in the comfort of your home.

If the stairs at your home are becoming a daily hassle, a personalized stair lift is just what you need! At the 101 Mobility showroom, you’ll see a display of stair lift options that can be beneficial to your buying process. We provide residential stair lifts to those in and around Bucks County as a solution for their challenging journey up and down the stairs. Take a look at the infographic below for answers to common stair lift questions, then continue reading to learn how you can personalize your stair lift to fit your needs. 

Choose From a Straight or Curved Stair Lift

Depending on your staircase, you may need a curved rail stair lift. These stair lifts are specifically designed for any curved stair lift and have a sleek and smooth rail design. Step into our showroom to test out our stair lift options. An in-person experience will help you determine whether a straight or curved stair lift is right for you. 

Do You Have Indoor or Outdoor Needs?

Is the distance of your stairs from your home to your backyard a long ways away? Maybe you’re struggling to go up and down the stairs in your multi-level home. A stair lift, contrary to what most people believe, can be accommodated to fit your indoor and outdoor space. At 101 Mobility, we carry high-quality stair lifts that can support your mobility needs and help you navigate your home safely. Whether you need one, or even two, stair lifts installed, we can help!

Custom Upholstery Selections

stair lifts, while an essential piece to your daily life, will be a noticeable addition to your home. However, when you choose a design that fits your style, you’ll want nothing more than to show off your new ride! With an assortment of custom upholstery options, you can choose a cover that blends with your interior design and looks great in your home.

Custom Railing Color

At 101 Mobility, we carry stair lift options that can be seamlessly integrated into your home design. The Handicap Freecurve comes with a sleek and slim railing with a variety of color options. Now you can fit the color of your railing into the style and look of your indoor space.

Visit Our Showroom Today!

Are you in need of a mobility aid to help you navigate the stairs in and outside of your home? 101 Mobility has solutions that will help restore your confidence, independence, and comfort in your home. Visit our showroom to discuss how to personalize your stair lift with an experienced 101 Mobility team member. For questions and inquiries about residential stair lifts in Bucks County, stop in or call 215-309-8099 today!

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