Should I Install an Outdoor Stairlift? YES — and Here’s Why

January 6th, 2022

Stairlifts are a convenient and versatile form of accessibility technology. They can be installed on virtually any staircase in order to assist people with mobility issues. But did you know their benefits don’t stop indoors? Whether you’ve already installed an indoor lift or are still looking into stairlifts in general, you should also consider an outdoor chair lift. Many properties have stairs leading into or out of doors, balconies, porches, or verandas. Your outdoor staircase could benefit from an upgrade!

Here are 5 reasons to install an outdoor stairlift:

Minimizes Slips, Trips, and Falls

While the indoors are predictable most of the time, weather conditions outside are anything but predictable. Cluttered, icy, or wet staircases or thresholds can lead to dangerous accidents. Outdoor stairlifts such as the Bruno Elite stairlift are designed to withstand Mother Nature with features such as marine-grade, weather-resistant seat materials, and durable outdoor paint that will not rust or degrade. 

Improves Comfort

If you’re a person with mobility issues or you have loved ones with mobility issues, you probably already know that a seemingly simple task like unloading groceries can sap energy for the rest of the day. An outdoor stairlift removes one more difficult hurdle so that you have more energy to do the things you really want to do. High-quality stairlifts are built with high weight capacity (often up to 400 lbs) and contoured swivel seats for the user’s comfort, so you can sit down and gather the energy to continue tackling whatever you’re doing.

Creates Property-Wide Accessibility

You can have indoor stairlifts galore in every corner of your home, but no indoor lift by itself creates accessibility for your whole property. With an outdoor stairlift, you open up a whole new world of places to go, such as the garage area, garden, porches, or even just the driveway. This means that everyone can travel freely and easily around your home. You can likely have an outdoor stairlift installed no matter what sort of stairs you have. Both straight and curved stairlifts exist and are available for mobile stairlift rental — stairlifts are as customizable as your home itself! 

Increases Independence

When someone has mobility issues that have developed recently or have worsened over time, it can significantly affect their self-esteem and mood as they lose the ability to do things independently. Installing an outdoor stairlift can make a huge difference in someone’s independence. With increased access to all parts of the home, someone who uses the stairlift will feel more capable and confident than they did before.

Expands Social Possibilities

The first step of socializing is to “get outside,” often both figuratively and literally. But if getting outside is a challenge, you might not look forward to social activities like you did before. That means people with reduced mobility sometimes isolate themselves from friends and family, which in turn negatively impacts their mental health. An outdoor stairlift might be just the ticket to expand social horizons! Outdoor lifts can be particularly appealing to those who enjoy outdoor activities such as gardening, golf, or grilling, but you don’t have to be an outdoorsman to want to head out to a book club, bingo night, or friend’s house. And with an outdoor stairlift, you can get there easier and more comfortably.

Are you looking for stairlift-installation pros? Look no further than our team! We offer indoor and outdoor stairlift installation for all kinds of staircases and properties in and around the Philadelphia, PA, area. Contact us today and let us show you how increased accessibility will make a difference in your life.

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