Tips for Maintaining Your Outdoor Stairlift

June 30th, 2022

Stairlifts can help make the lives of individuals much easier but need proper attention to ensure they continue working. While all lifts should be maintained routinely, outdoor stair chairlifts require more attention due to the impact weather can have on the system. By partaking in regular maintenance, you can greatly improve the longevity of an exterior chairlift. For more information, here are five tips to help keep your lift safe from outdoor weather conditions.

Keep Your Exterior Chairlift Dry

Consider using a protective cover to protect your outdoor stairlift from rain and snow. Given how electronic machinery does not fare well when exposed to water, ensuring your lift track is covered when not in use will help keep it safe from water. Additionally, this protection should extend to the battery of your system. Any condensation can ruin your battery’s condition, so keeping it in a dry location will help extend its lifespan.

Clean It Thoroughly

If you don’t regularly tend to the seat of an exterior chairlift, it can develop stains and become uncomfortable to sit on. Cleaning the seat regularly with a duster or damp cloth will help maintain its cleanliness by preventing the buildup of dust and dirt.

The rail of your outdoor stair lift should also be cleaned routinely so that its performance is not impaired by debris. However, you must never use solvents and detergents, as their abrasive chemicals can damage integral components of the lift and degrade its functionality. For example, cleaning solvents can cause the rollers to lose their friction and make it harder to function. Instead, exterior chairlift owners should use a vacuum to remove debris from the rails.

Lubricate It Frequently

Because the tracks on your exterior chairlift frequently move up and down while in use, they will experience constant friction that can promote wear and tear. As a result, applying lubrication to lift tracks is essential for them to continue working smoothly. Outdoor stair chair lifts, in particular, require more frequent lubrication, as they can lose lubricant much quicker due to the elements.

Lubricate the track of your exterior chairlift once every three months to ensure it’s greased well enough. However, it is important to thoroughly clean the lift prior to doing so, as any excess dust that has built up over time can get in the way of your lubrication.

Keep the Battery Charged

Even if your outdoor chair lift is kept in perfect condition, it won’t work when it’s needed if its batteries aren’t charged completely. This occurrence is a common problem that many lift owners have encountered and can be easily avoided. Keeping the battery fully charged will help prevent any unexpected inconveniences.

Perform Inspections

Taking proper care of your exterior chairlift extends beyond keeping it cleaned and lubricated. A good outdoor lift owner must inspect it every so often to ensure there aren’t any problems that can worsen and ruin their system. Cracks in the track, trailing cables, and other areas are signs that you should have the system repaired. Further, checking the electric board after a power surge is essential to ensure it didn’t sustain any damage.

Reading the instruction manual of the exterior chairlift will help you understand its basic rules and how it functions. However, calling an expert for checkups can help improve the lifespan of the system, as they may spot a problem you otherwise wouldn’t have noticed during their maintenance services.

If you’re interested in purchasing an outdoor stairlift rental to help a relative or family member better maneuver around the house, call 101 Mobility of Greater Philadelphia. We offer a variety of residential and commercial stair lifts so that everyone can traverse their homes or businesses safely.

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